This challenge has been moved to 365 Temperamental Muses about Life and Design. Please feel free to look the January designs on this page.

Design #31

Hi all! Today’s design is inspired by a fellow designer, Daniela Dalfonso from Sydney. She designed a calendar with thumbnails of her January sketches. I liked the idea and asked her if I could borrow it. She kindly said yes. Thus, here I am showing you my January calendar as my 31st design. One thing I noticed in the calendar is that I use a lot of white background! So, this next month I will aim to incorporate more color in my designs’ backgrounds.

I am moving this page to a new blog. I will keep you posted. I just think that scrolling all the way down is inconvenient. Anyhow, for now, bear with me a little longer.

January designs. Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Design #30

Hi all! Today’s design is a blog header for my new blog to feature only my daily designs. As usual your thoughts are welcome!

Blog header. Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Design #29

Hi all! Today my daily design is handmade. I am taking a calligraphy class and we have our first project due on Tuesday. I did my first draft today to get a feel for things. I am still very new to the letter making process. The nibs kill me! I am not sure if they are working right but some kind of split and they are new!  But here is my very amateur calligraphic project. The quote is a Haiku by Suju Takano. Let me know what you think! :-)

Haiku quote by Suju Takano. Calligraphy and design Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Design #28

Hi all! Well another day of doing a lot of other stuff, such as grading and planning some marketing left me with little time to think about today’s design. But committed myself to do something every day. Thus, for today I have done another tutorial that I ended up adapting because it got complicated. And why is it that on every tutorial there are missing steps??? I find that irritating since some times the tutorial assumes you know a step needed. Or it assumes that you have done x or y that you needed because somehow it was communicated to you through the tutorial’s psychic power. :-) Well without further ado, here is my ladybug with great praise from my daughter! :-)

Ladybug, my daughter's favorite bug. Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Design #27

Hi all! Today I did a tutorial because I had no idea what to do… I have to say that this tutorial was more difficult than it seems as there were steps and little details missing… So I spent more time than I had intended and I am still not certain how to do smokey letters. This is my first attempt at this but I will keep practicing because I am intrigued… Your thoughts are welcome! :-)

Hot. Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Design #26

On Saturday my Mom called to make sure I watch one of my favorite singers on TV; Chayanne. I tuned in and he was singing as part of an effort to raise money for the American Red Cross to help Haiti. He was singing a song titled “Si nos quedara poco tiempo.” The song is about him realizing that if they did not have enough time to love each other, there were things he needed to say to her. Things like how much he loved her and how much she meant to him. He talks about that when they are together, routine takes over and being in a hurry has changed the way they love each other. The song is beautiful and contagious. And well, it is Chayanne and I have been a fan forever. Since I could not get the song out of my head, I drew my sketch, and today I did this. The photos are from istockphotography. I hope you like it and please tell me what you think!

Based on the song “Si nos quedara poco tiempo” by Chayanne. Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Design #25

Hi all! As I was getting ready to leave for work this morning, I saw it was snowing. I could not believe how much snow was on the ground in like 30 minutes from the last time I looked out the window. I thought… “snow, again?” I kept thinking about that and designed this on my way to work on the train.

snow, again? Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Design #24

Hi all! My design today is a wallpaper based on a video posted today on Facebook. It is actually very nice. Here is my wallpaper version of it. I do hope I have captured its essence. Please tell me your thoughts! :-)

By the way, I am wondering if I should just create another blog just for these posts. I am worried that people do not leave comments because they have to scroll all the way down to the bottom, which I get it might be rather uncomfortable… what do you think, another blog, or keep them here?

Laughter. Go ahead and download it! Make sure to double click the image for the full size image. Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Design #23

Hi all! Today’s design is a wallpaper dedicated to Caralee who is a baby soon to come to the life of good friends. Please let me know what you think! :-)

Wallpaper dedicated to Caralee. Go ahead and download it! Make sure to double click the image for the full size image. Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Design #22

Hi all! Well today I designed my own Twitter background. Not sure if I am convinced this is “the one” but it will serve its purpose for now.
Your comments are very welcome!

Twitter background. Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Design #21

Hi all! Well, I spent about two hours doing an eye in Illustrator… yep, no tracing a drawing or photo. I drew an eye from scratch, the lashes, and all… Only to discard it later. Did not like it… Anyhow.. not a great design today. This came about after I tweeted about the printer I visited today. I said in the tweet that I had envy eyes.. it stuck with me. Not sure if it’s working but I did not want to miss a day.

Envy eye. Alma Hoffmann, ©2010


Hi all! Yesterday was my first day in my calligraphy class. The instructor, Timothy Botts, famous and accomplished calligrapher, showed us a sample of his work. Among the pieces there was a gorgeous one based on Mother Theresa’s quote “…do small things with great love.” I decided last night that I would do my daily design based on this quote. Some day I will do this quote in calligraphy. :-)

“...do small things with great love.” Mother Theresa. Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Design #19

Some days the ideas come even in your sleep! Some days it is like going to labor for an idea! Well, I woke up with this idea and had to do it! As always, your thoughts are appreciated!

This idea just came to me... so simple and obvious... and I had not thoguht of it before... Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Design #18

Today I decided to play with the term water aerobics. As I was participating today in the class, I heard someone complain about the water splashing her. I thought, “it is called water aerobics and we are in a pool which is full of water….” Anyway, it stuck with me. Water aerobics here it is! I used two tutorials to create this: The first one is at Veerle’s blog and the second one at Designer Today blog. Very easy, fun, and quick. Let me know your thoughts!

And please if anyone who visits this page knows how to work the page so it only displays one entry and the comment box right underneath and can tell me, I’d appreciate it! This is a static page and I have tried doing the “read more” break  but it doesn’t take and have been looking around to make it so people don’t have to scroll down all the way to leave a comment… but have not been successful. So please if any of you have an idea, do let me know! :-) In the mean time, do tell me what you think too! :-)

Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Hi all!

Design #17
Today I started a tutorial on Celtic knots. Seemed appropriate since I am working on a project that requires me to get familiar with Celtic crosses. This is my first try at the Celtic knots.

My first attempt at a Celtic knot. Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Hi all!

Here is my daily design #16. This one is in honor of my niece Margarita. Her name means daisy.

Margarita. Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Hi all!

I almost did not get to post today!!! Long day cleaning and cleaning!I still have to do my Friday Wallpaper…. Anyhow… my inspiration today: the cleaning we have done!! So here it is, in honor of the cleaning tools that are supposed to make life easier…

In honor of those tools that are supposed to make cleaning easier... Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Hi all!

Today I spent some time doing some tutorials. I wanted to do a pattern for a long time. Nothing fancy but it helped me learn some simple things to create patterns later. Anyhow.. here is my wallpaper.

Wallpaper pattern. Go ahead and download it! Make sure to double click the image for the full size image. Alma Hoffmann ©2010

Hi all!

Today is my daughter’s birthday. She turns 5. Her name is Marisol, which means sea and sun. For my daily design I am posting the card I designed for her.
I hope you like it! Please let me know what you think!

Marisol turns 5 today. Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Hi all!

Yesterday was my first day of classes for the spring semester. Though I work one day a week, it is a very long day. I leave to work at 10:30am and come back at 10:45pm. So as you can see it is a 12 hour day. Plus since I am teaching, and when I am teaching, I am on pure adrenaline, I come back wired. The result is that physically today, I am tired. But I am not complaining about me teaching. I LOVE TEACHING! It is just going to take me some time to get used to the long hour day. So my daily design today is a visual typographic representation of how I feel… I had fun doing this one.. Hope you like it! And please feel free to tell me your thoughts!

Feeling tired today. Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Hi all!

Well it is technically day 12th because I am posting at 12:10am… I have a very long day on Mondays. Anyhow, because I am conflicted at the fact that even though we want to think we are past racism and discrimination, I made a wallpaper called THE WHITE WALL. You will see texture behind it made out of a word. The point is, at least to me, that in some places, contexts, thought processes, racism is impenetrable, like a wall… Like a white wall. Anyhow… Your thoughts and feedback are appreciated as always!

The impenetrable wall of racism in high places.... Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

The impenetrable wall of racism in high places. Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Hi all!

Today I had a conversation with a friend who was telling me about his experience calling the cable company. He proceeded to explain how he was compelled to ask the customer service representative where he was located since he spoke with “broken English.” Those of you who know me, know I immediately had drawn a picture in my head. Mind you, I am bilingual, I have an accent, thus the thought went through my head… Does he think I speak in “broken English?” My daily design today is two versions of what I pictured the phrase “broken English” would look like. So tell me which you think looks more “broken!”

Version 1

“Broken English” version 1 Alma Hoffmann ©2010

Version 2

“Broken English” version 2 Alma Hoffmann ©2010


Today has not been a very inspiring day.. Thus my creativity is almost zero…. Maybe I thought about things too much…
So my daily design shows the state of my creativity today. Enjoy!

the state of my creativity today.... Go ahead and download it! Make sure to double click the image for the full size image.


Today has been so busy, I was afraid I would not be able to upload my daily design. But not to fear! Here it is! This is a sketch that I did while waiting for my doctor at his office. There was nothing to read… so I took out my moleskin, marker, and started to visualize the wait… and this is what I came up with. I put the arrows and numbers in Illustrator so it was easier to follow the thought process. Have you ever waited a long time for a doctor inside the exam room? Well, then you know that it is potentially more boring than waiting outside where they sometimes keep a TV and gossip magazines, :-)

Enjoy and please tell me your thoughts!

Waiting for the doctor

Visual exploration of a doctor's visit. Alma Hoffmann,©2010

Hi everybody!

My design for today is a quick sketch I did on my Moleskin sketchbook. I am doing visual research for my Typography class on Monday to show students examples. While going through pages in books, I suddenly had this thought: Typographic Design is to design with soul. Yes I know the structure should be to design with typography is to design with soul. But somehow that lost the flare. Anyhow, I sketched it quickly, colored it with my favorite Crayolas and scanned it. Hope you like it! And please do not forget to leave me feedback! :-)

Typographic design is to design with soul. Alma Hoffmann ©2010

Hello and Happy Epiphany Day!

I am from Puerto Rico and we celebrate Epiphany Day. Epiphany Day refers to the visit of the Wise men to Jesus after his birth. It is believed the visit happened 3 years after his birth. Regardless many countries around the world celebrate Epiphany Day. However, in Puerto Rico we call it ¡Feliz Dia de Reyes! or Happy 3 Kings Day! :-) So, ¡Feliz Dia de Reyes!

My design today is a diagram I designed for my senior class called the Capstone. This class allows the students to choose a topic, problem or anything of substance they want to research. Thus, there is a lot of research, data documentation, presenting the data, explorations, sketches, prototypes, and others. It is a great class to teach because one can see every student’s progression throughout the semester and how the research shapes both their thinking and their design outcome. Because it the steps can get very complicated for them, I designed a simple diagram to help them understand the progress of an idea or topic. It does not include what happens within every aspect, however. It is intended to offer a general view of what to expect from the course.

As usual your comments and feedback are appreciated!

Diagram giving an overview of the development of a research topic involving a design outcome. Alma Hoffmann, ©2010

Hi again!

Trying to catch up because I am a day behind in the challenge. When my children saw the a and h combo, they were very excited. I share initials with one of my kids, so he was very happy when he saw the a and h combo. My other child whose name starts with m wanted one too. So I thought “this is a good way to catch up on my daily designs!” I went to doodle again and came up with this in honor of my daughter. Would love to hear your thoughts! And after this entry I will be in sync with everybody else!

experimenting with the m and h together


While at the Apple store today (where if you read my tweets you would know their customer service sucked today), I started thinking what to do for the daily design challenge. I came up with some ideas but I started thinking, for some reason about my initials. I started thinking about how the shape of the letter a sort conforms to the right side of the letter h. So, I wondered what would it look like if I combined them? As an experiment, when I came back from the store I sat down to doodle with it. This is what I came up with. Would love to hear your thoughts!

experiment with my initials a & h

Hello! Well today was a long day! I am finalizing syllabuses for the classes I am teaching this semester. Plus the usual routine stuff one has to do every day combined with an uncooperative muse…. ah! my muse is very temperamental. She needs lots of TLC. Long story short, I started thinking on the title of the daily challenge and I came up with this. Tell me your thoughts!

I started playing these words in my head until I thought of I design something daily and how it was integrated on the actual title. Tell me your thoughts!

Hello friends!

Here is my Daily Design. Today I did a card for my son Aramis. It is his birthday today! I asked him what was his favorite animal and he said “bats Mama!” So I designed a simple card featuring, you guessed it, bats! Enjoy!

No you are not confused. It is not Halloween. My son just loves bats and today is his birthday, so I made him a card with bats on it!


This year I have decided to take Smashing Magazine’s 2010 challenge to design something everyday. Those designs will be displayed on this page. I have not yet selected a theme or a specific thing I would be doing. I started to design Friday giveaway wallpapers on Dec. 18th and I feel it is easier right now to think of wallpapers. Thus for today, my first day on the challenge, I did a wallpaper. Well we’ll see what I come up with every day. Today’s wallpaper is based on a verse that is stuck on my head. It is in the Psalms and it was posted it on Facebook on New Year’s day by Dave Vosseller, a good friend of mine. I have since then been thinking about it since then. This is the verse:

“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. Return, O Lord! How long? Have pity on your servants! Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.” (Ps. 90:12-14)

There is no time like today

Go ahead and download it! Make sure to double click the image for the full size image.

41 Responses to “Daily Design Challenge”

  1. Design #38 Says:

    […] in January I had done sleep with the “e” being eyes. Sleep can be seen at my other blog Life + Design = Everything and everything in between. I decided to borrow my own idea of the sleepy eyes concept but I wanted to convey the thought of […]

  2. […] to check out what people had been posting recently to #daily365. One of the posts pointed toward Alma Hoffman’s blog. Alma seems to be having a similar problem so made a simple clean image outlining the problem […]

  3. […] like a “get it done” kind of groundhog). So, and in no small way inspired by others(here and here) undertaking this challenge, I’ve also decided to do a month-end roundup. It should […]

  4. Dig the idea of a month-end calendar (I also left Daniela a message about it), and I just realized that it does double duty of showcasing the month’s work as well as serving as a milestone marker (1 down, 11 to go!).

    ¡Síguelo pa’lante, compatriota! :)

    1. almahoffmann Says:

      Very convenient! :-) ¡¡Gracias por tu apoyo!! :-)

      1. Daniela Says:

        Thanks for the mention Alma! Your stuff looks great and I get to check out a few that I missed during the month! Keep it up.

        1. almahoffmann Says:

          Hi! You are most welcome! And up to a new month! :-)

  5. Daniela Says:

    Keep up the great work Alma! My favourite so far is White wall of Racism! I absolutely looove it! Looking forward to seeing the next months worth! LOL here’s to keeping it up!

    1. Alma Says:

      Thanks Daniela!! I like that one too! It was a reaction to some news that week regarding Obama. I look forward to see yours too! I love this challenge!! Really love it! Kudos to you too!

  6. Really like the calligraphy and how the colors lay over one another (my mind wants to default to PS & use the words “screen” & “multiply”).

    Not bad for a 1st attempt. Keep up the good work. Sure to be another arrow in the arsenal soon…

    1. almahoffmann Says:

      I hear you!! I have the same problem! Hehehe! I was like “isn’t it easier to just do this layout on the computer?“ Thank you for the encouragement! :-)

      1. Zapf Chancery, some layer blending, and Voilá! :)

        1. almahoffmann Says:

          LOL!!! you are right! :-)

  7. Claudia Says:

    i love the ha ha ha laughing one. it is my background. :)

    1. almahoffmann Says:

      Thank you! Glad you liked it! :-)

  8. rpcspills Says:

    I like the wallpapers :) I’ve used the “can I have the light on” one and the “hahaha” one :-P I’m currently logged in, but I am aka the “not-so-often commenting friend ;)

    1. almahoffmann Says:

      Thank you!!! I am glad you like them! Have you found out anything about the homework I gave you hehehehe?

  9. Angie Says:

    I checked the video. The wallpaper totally captures the contagious nature of laughter. I almost can hear it.


    1. almahoffmann Says:

      I thought so too….but I am probably biased! hehehe… Thank you!

  10. Carmari Says:

    Design #23 is the BEST!!!!!!! Love it Love it Love it!!!! Thanks again!!!

    1. almahoffmann Says:

      Thank YOU for the idea!! :-)

  11. Lovin’ the background. My only suggestion (for the sake of clear readability) would be to slide the top left elements(“studio 2n”, url, etc.) over to the left a bit (about the distance that {print} occupies). That way it’ll clear the upper box (“hey there! *username* is using Twitter!”) and the twitter logo & bird. (I’m viewing @1024 and I’m losing that far right spot– twitpic’ing it now).

    1. almahoffmann Says:

      Thanks! I tweaked it a bit. Thank you for looking and your comments! Always appreciated!! :-)

  12. rcarmstrong Says:

    Ay bendito, please. That’s like someone going on a cruise and complaining about getting on the boat. SMH.

    On a serious note, I get the feeling the reason you’re not getting individual posts is b/c it’s a static page (I just poked around my WP dashboard to see if there’s any info. This is the closest I can find http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/

    Hope it helps!

    1. almahoffmann Says:

      Hi Rafael!

      Thanks for the link! And yeah! it was really funny to see them getting in the pool and not wanting to get wet! hehehe…

      I think I might have to create a new blog or move this part of my blog to blogger or something.. When it gets to be 20+ designs, it will be a pain to scroll all the way down to leave a comment…

  13. Nathalie Sahar Says:

    Salut Alma,

    Loved your daughter’s birthday card :)
    as well as the wallpaper!
    Your third ” daily ” is my favorit.

    Waiting for your next creations.


    1. almahoffmann Says:

      Hello Nathalie!

      Thank you for looking and your encouraging words!! :-)

  14. Marcos Cesar Says:

    “Tired” is very expressive. Good Job

  15. Margarita Says:

    I think the second version is the best. The first looks more like someone who speaks with “wobbly English” :-P

    1. almahoffmann Says:

      hehehe, Thank you Margarita!

  16. Feliz dia de Reyes, Alma.

    I’m also taking part in the daily365 “challenge”. I had considered it for a while, but waffled and procrastinated for days on end. You could say that seeing your dailies was (to borrow the oddly appropriate– at least for today– pun) the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. :)
    Anyway, I’m really enjoying what you’ve put up so far. Looking forward to the next 359.


    1. almahoffmann Says:

      ¡Feliz dia de Reyes a ti tambien!

      Thank you for looking and your comments! I look forward to see what you come up with! I am liking this very much! It keeps me busy and wanting to do more! :-)

    1. Alma Hoffmann Says:

      Thank you! Glad you liked them! :-)

      Sent from my iPhone Alma Hoffmann Designer almahoffmann@gmail.com

      “Well chosen words deserve well chosen letters.” Robert Bringhurst

  17. Oh, I really like the “Design Something Daily” logos — nice color choice and balance! ::thumbs up:: Good work!

    1. almahoffmann Says:

      Thank you! Glad you liked it! This is really fun, isn’t it? Loved your work too!

  18. Margarita Says:

    The wall paper is great! :) and I loved the card for Aramis. Can’t wait to see what you put up each day :)

    1. almahoffmann Says:

      Hi Margarita!

      Glad you liked it! :-)

  19. Fer Says:

    I love the “Today” wallpaper :D
    I’m on the challenge too!
    Good luck :)

    1. almahoffmann Says:

      Hey! Thank you! Good luck to you too! Thank you for looking! On my way to see yours! :-)

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